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Health Post

Health Post

The health post has been opened. This project is also financially supported by "Mountain Child".

We are still working very hard to get this formalised - it is an extremely difficult and time consuming process. However things are looking very promising so far. In fact, the local government of Gorkha District have given us the permission of "Village Clinic" and said we can still use and provide all the services that a health post could provide.

The health post is well received by the locals. It is located just a stone away from Shree Nubri Primary School and the heath staff also come to see our students once a week for check ups.

2015 - 2016 Update on the School

School 2015

We are pleased to announce that our school is going to be reconstructed soon with supports from the INGO called "Mountain Child".

Year 2015 was the toughest year for us. The earthquake on 25th April and its aftershocks had destroyed our school buildings completely. We initially reopened our school in tents around the middle of June. As the tents were getting damaged by rain and storm, we started constructing a hut by taking out the roofs and timbers from the old buildings. We can keep on running our school in this temporary building until the reconstruction of our school completes.

Another good news is that we will be receiving regular funding from the government to provide food for the children in our school from 2016. Till now, Project LAMA has been supporting virtually everything - food, staff salaries, toiletries, medicines and administration costs to name but a few. Food is always one of the biggest challenges for us as it takes up a large part of our budget – ongoing supports from the government will be a massive boost for us!

For more detailed updates on our school, please download our annual report from HERE.

New Website

New Website Our brand new website has been designed and built.

We hope you like the new look of our website. We have also set up our JustGiving account so you can make a donation easier. Due to the terrible earthquake we had early this year, we need your support more than ever. To make a contribution please visit HERE.

We will keep you posted of the progress of our projects.

2014 Update on the School

School 2014 We have gone through many challenges to make better school and now it is really coming to good track.

Now we have all together 50 kids ( 15 boys and 35 girls) with 6 teachers and 3 helpers.We are providing free food, stationaries, cloths, toiletries, health services, books etc. The kids are very happy in their hostel school. During vocations, they do miss their school and teachers and friends...

2013 Update on the School

School 2013 We have 48 kids from class 1to 5. They are very happy and enjoying to learn.

School Has Been Built

School 2011 Now we have started the school from April 2011 with 25 kids living and learning in school. we have 4 government teachers and one tibetan teacher. We have one cook, one helper and one warden.

The Kids are very happy to stay in school. But as they don't know Nepali language as well, it is hard for them to learn and to understand from the teachers who don't know the local language. Anyway some of kids know Nepali and they are helping their friends.