Health Projects

Ghap Community Health Post

In this very remote region of the Nepal Himalaya people are still dying of preventable diseases. The health post was opened on 13th April 2016. This project is also financially supported by "Mountain Child". Actually we have been working long time for the healthpost purpose but the process for getting permission from the government, for us to build and start a new health post is so difficult and lengthy. We are still working on this. The local government of Gorkha District is very much positive with us so, they gave us the permission of "Village Clinic" and said we can still use and provide all the services that a health post could provide. As the process of getting permission to built the new health post is also very much lengthy and complicated, we started our health service through a community building that the community provide us. We are getting a very good number of Patients. Our services are really being liked by the community. Now the community are very happy that they don't need to walk hours just for normal check up. The heath staff also visit our Shree Nubri Primary School once a week for check up. The kids also go to the health post whenever they need to. The health post is about 200 meters from the school.

Facts About Health Post
  • The health post has treated 823 people during this quarter. (15th July 2016 to 15th Oct 2016)
    - 416 Males
    - 352 Females
    - 55 Children
  • The staff also traveled a total of 10 days to visit 3 different villages.
    - 2 days for vaccine schedules
    - 4 days for treatment
    - 4 days for delivery
  • Diseases treated during this quarter
    - Viral diseases: Chicken pox, Mumps, Common cold
    - Bacterial diseases: Dysentery, Enteric, Fever, Cholera, Whooping cough
    - Sexually transmitted diseases: Gonorrhea, Syphilis
    - Intestinal worms: Hook worm, tapeworm
    - Skin diseases: Scabies, Ring worm, Trachoma
    - Digestive system Diseases: Gastritis
    - Respiratory Diseases: Common cold, Tonsillitis, c.o.p.d, Bronchial asthma

Mobile Health Camps

The most effective method of delivering health services to remote villages in the Manaslu area is the running of mobile health camps. It costs approximately Rs 100 000 (less than $1000 US) to run one health camp in a remote village, a cost that includes medicines, medical equipment, allowances and porters fees. Project LAMA has now run two mobile health camps and plans to organise specialist camps which are more expensive.

Renewable Energy and Clean Water Supplies

We have installed solar power to the Nubri Primary School and women group of chhak village to run informal education sessions. We plan to supply solar power and clean hot water to the Ghap community health post and school.

Rubbish Picking Programs

Manaslu area is very rich in natural resources. There are more than 8 peaks that are more than 7000m high and many rivers, waterfalls, hills, animals, birds and other wildlife. This area is also rich in its' culture and traditions. The number of tourists is increasing which is causing pollution and so we are planning to launch a program to pick rubbish and manage the problem.

Funds for emergencies

We plan to create a fund for School Children, Teachers and other Staff in case they become seriously ill and require immediate medical treatment.


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